When to play the Meeting Design Game

We asked a lot of Meeting Planners, when it would be useful to use the Meeting Design Game. They said:

  • In the start up of meeting or event
  • Repeatedly during the planning process and afterwards
  • With students as an educational tool
  • With clients and stakeholders – to gain common understanding
  • To get ideas
  • When you are lost with the planning process
  • When you experience unclarity or confusion
  • To help clarify objectives
  • To play with the participants as part of a meeting or event
  • With attendees to design next event
  • When you feel something is missing
  • To get inspired
  • To help codify or challenge normal processes
  • As teambuilding
  • Review
  • What is forgotten ½ through
  • With new employees
  • As a checklist
  • Delegate tasks

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