Returned from ICCA Congress 2017

Since Saturday Bo and I have been in Prague for the annual ICCA Congress

It has been a meeting design heaven to work with ICCA. They have shown us so much trust and collaboration in the design process of all the sessions we have been involved in, both together and individual ones. In total we have facilitated, moderated and spoken at eight different workshops, sessions and labs.  It has resulted in sessions where we have experimented with formats and high level of involvement of the participants.

Once again we have experienced that involvement and engagement tears down cultural walls and make people co-create and share knowledge and experiences.  Especially in the Meeting Design Workshop where a multicultural bunch of great people co-designed a real case, shared from one in each group.

A shout-out to all meeting owners, planners and designers – BE BRAVE and dare to loose control and prejudices against, what formats you can use whit a particular kind of people either cultural background,  rang, age or line of business. In the end all people just want to be have influence in the process.

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