What we do

We help clients design valuable and meaningful meetings and events. We have been speaking, facilitating and training meeting design all over the world.

We also design and facilitate games that increases learning, motivation, creativity and networking.









Ann Hansen

Ann is an award winning meeting designer, trainer and facilitator. Ann was the main creator of the famous Danish meeting design concept; Meetovation.

Ann started her career as meeting manager at Radisson, but has during the last 15 years worked as an independent consultant and meeting designer with clients all over the world.

Ann has been on the list of the most influential people in the meeting industry in Europe and is the only Dane who has won outstanding achievement award at Danish Events and Meetings Awards twice.

Apart from being really nice, Ann is a charismatic, extremely creative and persistent person.

Bo Krüger

Bo has worked in more than 20 countries as a meeting designer, speaker, facilitator and trainer. Bo writes articles and books about meeting design and psychology and human behaviour. Bo holds a master’s degree in learning and is educated in Gamification from Wharton Business School.

Bo has worked with clients like Ikea, 7-11, Toyota, MCI, and George P. Johnson.

Bo is renown for his energy, ability to engage people and talent for making complicated knowledge easy to understand.

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