We are proud and happy that our game and workshops have brought meaning and value to many meeting participants, designers and owners over the years.

We constantly try to do our very best and the constructive feedback and ideas that our collaborators gives us, keep us always on our toes. We love to share all the knowledge and experience that we have collected - enjoy!

“I almost cried when …Bo Krüger gave me the Meeting Design Game.If you’ve ever tried to pitch something to get a post on the blog you know you won’t get anything. In this case, I had to put it on the blog. Every event planner should get one of these and play in the office. Get your boss to pay for it, save some money, or ask your fiance to buy it for Christmas.”

Julius Solaris
Editor, EventMB

 "The meeting design game is very useful in supporting my event classes at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences.

It serves as a complement to my lectures and since it's very user-friendly and self-explanatory students can independently use it when preparing their events. They like the checklist function of the game, helps them to cover all kinds of details. Usually they do several rounds and manage by themselves, it really helps students to take ownership of the process."

Monika Birkle
M.A. Senior lecturer Tourism Management Haaga-Helia university of applied sciences

"Bo and Ann understands in a really wonderful and unique manner to open ones eyes to all the possibilities and creative ways to design a meeting.  They are both loaded with new ideas, knowledge, huge experience and expertise, that they transform into a learning experience"

Lotte Kruse Andersen
Event Coordinator, TotalKredit

A short list of feedback after a workshop using The Meeting Design Game during the EMEC 2016 


The game was useful to me when……….

  • starting up of meeting/event design process
  • need to revisit and gain new overview during planning process and afterwards
  • meeting with clients and stakeholders – to gain common understanding
  • when I get lost with planning process
  • unclarity or confusion enable us to see the bigger picture
  • we are in need further inspiration
  • help clarify objectives
  • we feel we are missing something and do not what that is
  • help codify or challenge normal processes is needed
Participants of the EMEC 2016

"This was with out any comparison the best learning experience ever"

Julie More
Dir. of Event Design

"The Meeting Design Game as a process tool in our consultancy sessions with Ann, has been valuable and have indeed increased the   level of an already high quality Bicycle Conference."

Zofia Jagielska
Engineer, Trafic Safty and Cycling - The Danish Department of Trafic

"Ann Hansen held a very engaging, relevant and pleasant workshop for a group of 15 event coordinators - she lifted their know-how, inspired with many different exercises and introduced the meeting design game as a tool for designing high-end events, while keeping focus on the many details, that need to be in place to give the customer a unique experience - I know for a fact, that this group really enjoyed the workshop and had a great learning experience thanks to Ann's professionalism and engagement."

Wilma Zandbergen
Head of Nordic Event Specialists at Janssen

"Experience to the unexperienced

I have used the game with my hotel and restaurant management students who had none or little experience with meeting planning.

The game is an eye opener for the students and helps them realize how many various elements meeting planning contains. At the same time the game works as a hands on planning tool and makes it possible for the unexperienced to plan a meeting in a more professional way.

The game can be split up in smaller portions making it easier for the students to keep track of all elements. For example by using the headline cards and the sub cards from select areas instead of all cards. The design of the game makes it a good group tool and makes sure all participants are activated.

Student feed back showed the students found it a fun way to work and the quality of the work they handed in was of a higher quality than I normally see."

Lotte Marie Rosengaard
Ass. Professor CphBusiness Academy, Service and Experience

“My participation in the Meeting Design training has given me new inspiration and tools to improve and create variation in the content and format of our meetings. This has resulted in meetings with a much better flow.”

Lene Pryds Bach
Dir. of Danish Industry Servicecentre

“ We have gained great value of the game especially in two different areas. 

  1. With new employees and trainees to introduce and create understanding  of the very concept of meeting design
  2. With meeting owners to clarify objectives and create overview and agreement of the following process. “


Rita Kristensen
Scandinavian Local Field Force Administrator Immunology, UCB Nordic A/S

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